This is me in a nutshell:

Hedvig Berry Wibskov

I love meeting new people. It seems wrong to me to walk into an elevator and not engage in some kind of conversation with whomever is meeting me in that space. Its pretty much my motto in life to never let a conversation, a chance to communicate, pass me by.

Put me with 5 other people, or put me in front of 500, and I promise you, they will be stronger, more motivated, more mentally agile, more fearless. Because that is what I do.

Hedvig Berry Wibskov

Hedvig Wibskov portraitI bet you have never seen my name before and I’m happy to tell you about it. It’s an old fashioned Danish name and sounds like Hill-V. But I wasn’t raised in Denmark, I was raised in a small town in Missouri, so the only accent I have is a Midwest one. That is a long story I’m happy to tell over coffee, but I will sum it up with this. I’ve lived and worked in USA, Denmark and China and I’m just getting started. 

One of the greatest moments for me came when I was working with a woman executive on her presentation skills.

She was learning to stand at a podium and deliver a speech without being nervous. Soon after our time together, she had moved beyond being nervous at the podium and had found her strength, her voice. She told me, “When I found my confidence at the podium, I found my confidence in life. Recently, I had the confidence to express myself, to say some things I have wanted to say for many years. You’re not just my presentation coach, you’re my confidence coach.”

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