Areas of Expertise


Whether via telephone or one-on-one, I can help you to find the clarity to make decisions, to push through doubt and worry. With clarity comes peace and when you make one decision, you can make the next one more easily. Soon, you will be moving forward with confidence, calmly meeting each new challenge with positive expectation.

I look forward to tell you more about my coaching style.

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I make creative people, better. When consulting for groups, I seek to help each individual define their talents and contributions. My powerful questions often spark a domino effect of inspiration, moving the group out of a stagnant situation and into the optimal solution. My unique attributes come from the diversity of experience, my international background and cultural understanding.

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If you have any reservations about public speaking, I want you to know that I can help you. First, we will tackle the nerves. Second, I will help you find your true voice. Third, you will deliver speeches you can be proud of. Public speaking can be easy, I promise.

I have worked with individuals, corporate executives, large groups and university classes. Believe me when I tell you, it just takes a little bit of training.

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Motivational speaking is one of the purest, and most effective, forms of positive change. Positively effecting people’s lives with words can have deep and meaningful effect. The power of stories is the power to remind us that we are all linked.

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Finding just the right words to describe your company, your strategy, and your message can often be the catalyst to all kinds of things falling into place. ‘Shaping a message’ is the key to effective marketing, powerful communication and clear understanding.

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Trend spotting

What will the future bring? An avid enthusiast of personal expression, I’m excited to work with companies and think tanks which explore coming trends and solutions. I collaborate with innovation gurus and venture capitalists who need a partner who can help build a bridge, making ideas into reality.

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